Baby Shower for Baby Boy Filosa!

Two weeks ago we celebrated my cousin’s baby shower. I offered to make a few desserts. My cousin asked me to make cheesecake and I had just gotten a cake ball maker so I figured cheesecake and cookie balls would be perfect.

Above is a Cake & Cheese Cake Ball “Cake”. The outer two rows are funfetti cake balls (made with a babycakes cake ball maker), iced in vanilla icing (store bought and heated 5 seconds in the microwave to melt; half dyed blue) and then decorated with royal blue royal icing and a variety of sprinkles. The center is made up of chocolate cheese cake balls coated in semi sweet chocolate and white chocolate dyed blue with candy food coloring.I used varying heights of cookie pop sticks to give the cake more dimension. I displayed the cake & cheesecake balls using a wilton cake ball decorating stand and then wrapping it in light blue ribbon and covering the top with “It’s a Boy” buttercream mints.

The cake balls & chocolate cheese cake balls were a huge hit.

I also made peanut butter cheesecake balls because my cousin loves Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I took peanutbutter cheesecake, coated it in semisweet chocolate, and then rolled it in chopped peanuts. These definitely stole the show and were pretty easy to make.

To make the cheesecake balls I made a basic cheesecake recipe and split it into three bowls. To the first bowl I added semisweet chocolate to, the 2nd about a 1/4 of a cup of peanut butter, and the last I left plain. I baked all the cheesecakes in standard size cupcake tins & pans using an ice cream scoop to get approximately the same amount in each cup (made approx. 36 cupcakes). After the cheesecake was refrigerated overnight I cut each of the chocolate and peanut butter cheesecake cupcakes in half and rolled them into balls. I then put the sticks into the balls and froze them until they were solid. That made it easy to get a nice thin/even coat of chocolate on each of the cheesecakes. The plain cheesecakes I froze for the next time I make cheesecake balls.


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