Mini Apple Pies

Today I bought a babycakes cupcake maker. I saw on the box that it could also be used to make mini pies and between that and the sale price I couldn’t pass it up. I decided to give it a try tonight and made some mini apple pies.

 I used store bought crust for the bottom & crumb topping. The filling is my mom’s recipe. They turned out great! The crust was nice and flaky (more so than when done in a full size pie) and the sugar apple mixture caramelized nicely. They took about 16 minutes a batch (8 pies/batch) and 1 crust made 12 pies (approximately 1/2 of a standard apple pie recipes worth of filling). They were delicious with ice cream!

The only test that’s left is to see how well they freeze & reheat. Check back for an update in a week or 2.


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