Christmas Pudding Shots

Last spring I heard about pudding shots for the first time. I was intrigued and needless to say I found an occasion to make them. They were a huge hit with all of my friends and since then I’ve made them for most of the parties I’ve attended. For my friends Ugly Christmas Sweater Party I made red (strawberry), green (mint Oreo), and white (vanilla) pudding shots. They are made using pudding mix, milk, vodka and/or liquors, and cool whip. They are then frozen until solid in 2 oz cups. Even though you keep the shots frozen they maintain the consistency of soft serve ice cream. You can find the cups at a restaurant supply store and some Walmarts. Be sure to experiment with a variety of flavors, but be careful to keep the overall percentage the alcohol the same or they won’t freeze correctly.


4 thoughts on “Christmas Pudding Shots

  1. never tried to freeze mine- great idea. I use (2 cups) heavy whipping cream instead of the coolwhip, pudding and liquor. Did you just dye the vanilla pudding to color it? Or is that from the liquor? Would love to make some new flavors!

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