Birthday Pudding Shot Cupcakes

Last week I celebrated two of my closest friend’s 24th birthdays and my little brother’s 21st birthday. Instead of making 3 different cakes, I decided to make two flavors of pudding shot cupcakes and take them to the beach to celebrate with my friends, and then sent a dozen to DC with my parents when they went to visit my brother. The first type was Funfetti. I made funfetti cupcakes and filled them with a birthday cake pudding shot. The birthday cake pudding shot was made using vanilla pudding, cake vodka, cool whip, and sprinkles. For the icing, I mixed a can of funfetti icing with cool whip and topped with some more sprinkles.

The second type of pudding shot cupcake was Oreo. I started out with a basic devil’s food cake and added crushed up Oreos. I then filled it with an Oreo pudding shot (Oreo Pudding, Vodka, Cool Whip) and iced it with cream cheese icing mixed with cool whip and crushed Oreos. To finish them off I added a mini Oreo on top of each one.

The reason I mixed the cool whip with the icing, was so that it would freeze well. Due to the pudding shot center these cupcakes are best eaten frozen. In order to transport the cupcakes to DC I bought Wilton cupcake boxes. I really think they make the cupcakes look like they are professionally made!


3 thoughts on “Birthday Pudding Shot Cupcakes

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