Making Today Delicious for 40 Years

While I love to bake and throw parties, it’s not a full time job. So during the day I work as an engineer at Kraft’s Lehigh Valley Plant. A few weeks ago my plant celebrated its 40th Anniversary. And I, of course, had to make cupcakes to help us celebrate.

I made two types of cupcakes. The first was a basic yellow cake filled with a lemon mousse and topped with fluffy white icing. The second type was a basic devil’s food cake filled with an Oreo mousse and topped with the same fluffy white icing. The lemon mousse was made from a few of my favorite Kraft products, lemon Jell-O pudding and Cool Whip. The Oreo mousse was made using Oreo Jell-O pudding and Cool Whip. Since the original Kraft colors are blue and red, I made tie-dye red  and blue icing by painting food coloring on the inside of the decorating bag. Overall, these cupcakes were fairly easy to make and got rave reviews!


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