Another Filosa Baby Shower & It’s A Girl!

A few weeks ago we celebrated my another one of my cousin’s baby shower and this time it was for the first next generation baby girl Filosa! I offered to make desserts and also helped my mom make fruit salad. Since, my one cousins is allergic to gluten, I knew I had to bring at least one gluten-free dessert. I finally settled on chocolate covered pretzels, mini pink velvet cupcakes, and gluten-free mini brownie cheesecakes.

We had found a post on Pinterest of a baby carriage fruit salad so we decided to make that. We used a grapefruit for the head, cantaloupe for the ears and nose, grapes for the eyes and a raspberry for the mouth.

For the chocolate covered pretzels, I used Wilton Baby Shower molds and a variety of candy melts to make a variety of pretzels.

For the mini pink velvet cupcakes, I used my go to red velvet and cream cheese icing recipes. To finish them off, I found a baby carriage pick chocolate mold and used the same candy melts that I used for the pretzels.

For my last dessert, I wanted to do something similar to a petit fours but with cheesecake. I finally settled on making my brownie cheesecake and cutting them into bite size pieces. For the brownie I used Betty Crocker’s gluten-free mix. It made a great brownie that was just as good if not better than most gluten containing mixes. I topped them off with safety pins made of chocolate melts and a dark chocolate drizzle.

Everything looked great on the table and was a big hit with the whole party!


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