Some Award Winning Cakes

This post is clearly a few months late, but while I have been slacking in sharing what I’ve been up to, I have still been baking as much as ever. Over the past 18 months, we’ve had two baking competitions at work. While I’m not typically a competitive person, when it comes to baking my competitive streak emerges and so of course I needed to enter them. Both competitions were judged on taste, creative use of company products, & appearance. 

The first competition was for our 1st anniversary as a new company in October 2013. I entered a Cookies & Cream cake and placed 2nd!


It was a devil’s food cake with a “creme” filling made out of Milka White Chocolate ganache & crushed Oreos covered in chocolate butter cream and topped with OREO Sunflowers.


The 2nd competition was this past October for a Halloween event. After my 2nd place in 2013, I knew I needed to step up my game a bit and so I created an OREO Dirt Cake.


This cake definitely took full advantage of our many delicious products. The cake was a devil’s food made with Green & Blacks Dark Chocolate with an Oreo Mousse filling. It was then covered in Milka Milktini squares to make a brick wall. The “dirt” was created using Chips Ahoy! for the light dirt and OREOs for the “fresh” dirt. Nutter Butters & Lorna Doones were used for the tombstones and finally the skeleton hands were made from melted Milka White Chocolate. All my hard work paid off this time, and I placed 1st! It will definitely be hard to top at the next competition I enter!


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