Limoncello Tiramisu

After reading about my family’s Christmas Eve dinner, you may be curious as to just what Limoncello Tiramisu is. It is a take on the classic tiramisu, but with a delicious lemon twist! If you love lemon & hate coffee, it might just be your new favorite dessert! 

I created the recipe by taking my sister’s friend’s family’s traditional tiramisu recipe and making a ton of exchanges to remove any flavor other than vanilla and lemon.

Lemon Tiramisu Recipe



2 thoughts on “Limoncello Tiramisu

  1. Great to see you posting again, Kate! I have a question about your recipe. What would you substitute for Limoncello to make this alcohol-free? Would you increase the other liquids, water or lemon juice, or maybe use lemon extract?

    • I would increase the lemon juice, water, & sugar to make more lemon syrup to use both to soak the cookies & and in the cream. If you double the lemon juice, water, & sugar listed in the lemon syrup section you should have more than enough syrup to replace anywhere Limoncello is used!

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