Valentine’s Day Cookies Part 2

While making Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies yesterday, I also made up a batch of sugar cookie dough, cut it into hearts, & baked them. I used the same recipe I used at Christmas and they turned out great again.  It’s a recipe from Sweetopia’s blog and you can find it here. It was great getting home and being able to get right to decorating. I started out by making one batch of basic Wilton royal icing. In order to make decorating go smoother, I filled three piping bags with thicker consistency icing in white, pink, and red and then thinned the remaining icing and filled three squeeze bottles with the same colors.


Once I had everything laid out, I got to work. I tried a variety of different techniques, but I must say my favorite was just using the squeeze bottles to draw hearts with the thinner icing on the small cookies. Overall I think they turned out great and can’t wait to share them with my co-workers tomorrow and friends & family on Saturday!



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