Ringing in 2015!

Event Details

Instead of worrying about what bar to go to and whether or not it was worth it to pay $100 for open bar & food, my roommate & I decided to host a New Year’s Eve Party this year. Since both of us had to work on New Year’s Eve, we decided to keep the menu simple, but elegant. Also to keep costs down, when people asked what they could bring we told them to bring sparkling wine which we used as a part of our signature drink! Overall, it was a great evening with good food & even better friends!
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Bake Sale!

A few week’s ago, my floor at work held a bake sale. I volunteered to bring in cupcakes and went to work trying to decide what I should make since it would need to be able to sit out on a table all day long. In the end I decided to go with a lemon & strawberry cupcake and a chocolate peanut butter cupcake.


The lemon & strawberry cupcake was a lemon cupcake, filled with a fresh strawberry compote, iced with a lemon butter cream, & topped with a fresh strawberry.


The Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcake started out with my go to chocolate cupcake which was then filled with peanut butter mousse, iced with chocolate butter cream, and topped with a mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

I packed the cupcakes using a clear 9oz plastic cup, cellophane,  and ribbon. They looked great and everyone who tried them loved them!

St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Things, have been a bit busy, but it’s finally time to get caught up on my posting. This March, I was able to celebrate St. Patrick’s day in Hoboken, Morristown, & Manayunk. Needless to say I ended up making quite a few treats. For my first set of celebrations, I decided to try making Guinness & Pretzel Truffles.


I also decided to make a fan favorite, Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes, but I made them mini so they were more party friendly.


For St. Patty’s Day celebration #2 in Morristown, I ended up making slutty cheesecake bars, even though they aren’t necessarily St Patrick’s day themed they are delicious.

photo (61)

Finally for the third celebration of the month in Manayunk, I made Guinness cheese dip which was delicious plus lucky charm’s treats and mini Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes.

Bridal Shower for S&E

Event Details

Last weekend my mom, sister, & I threw a bridal shower for my brother’s finance. We went with a beach theme and our color scheme was blue with yellow accents. The menu ended up being the perfect amount & variety of food, plus everything was ready within 10 minutes of the guests arriving so we could all enjoy the party!  Continue reading

Cake & Cupcakes for a Surprise Party

Last Saturday we celebrated my friend Kevin’s 26th birthday. Since it was a surprise party and we weren’t sure exactly how many people would be there I decided to make both a cake and cupcakes. For the cupcakes we decided on a fan favorite — Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes. For the cake we decided to go with a carrot cake brushed with spiced rum and iced with cream cheese icing.


Both turned out great and were a big hit at the party.

Birthday Cupcakes

This year for my friend’s birthday I decided to surprise her and make Starbucks cupcakes she had shown me on Pinterest a few months ago. Since I don’t like coffee myself, and wasn’t sure who else liked coffee, I decided to make cupcakes inspired by both Caramel Frappucino (with Coffee)

photo (55)

and Double Chocolaty Chip (without coffee).

photo (56)

Overall they weren’t too difficult to make and turned out really great! Everyone loved them, some non-coffee drinkers even liked the Caramel Frappuccino cupcakes.

photo (58)

Holiday Potluck

Every year, the CS&L department organizes a big holiday potluck for our entire floor. Since this is my first year in my new position, I knew I had to bring in something good. I decided to take one of my favorites and give it a holiday spin and make peppermint red velvet mini cupcakes.

photo (48)

They turned out pretty great and were the perfect size given the amount of desserts we had.

photo (49)