This year for Easter I made mini carrot cake cheesecakes for our family party. I made them using my mini cheesecake pan and decorated them with buttercream icing carrots.

I also decided to try out a few ideas I had found on pintrest. The first was Peeps S’Mores. Living so close to the Just Born Factory I knew I had to try making them after seeing them on Pintrest.

They made great party favors and everyone loved them.

Since I was buying Peeps I decided to try out one other use of Peeps I had found on Pintrest. I gave theĀ Peep & Jelly bean vase to my aunt as an Easter gift. Everyone loved it!


Christmas Gifts

Christmas cookies trays make great gifts for friends, family, and co-workers. This year I found kits at the craft store that included a foiled piece of card board, holiday printed cellophane bag, ribbon, and gift tags. They were much easier to use than the traditional platter and roll of cellophane.

If you are going to a party, there is no need to wrap up the tray. I found red and green chargers and used them to create cookie trays for various holiday parties.

Another great option for holiday gifts is peppermint bark. I used a Wilton kit which included dark chocolate, peppermint bark chips, snowflake cookie cutters, treat bags, and tags. You could easily buy the supplies on separately and use any shape of cookie cutter you want.