Christmas Cookies 2014

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that Christmas Cookies are a bit of a big deal in our family. Every year we make hundreds of cookies to give away to friends, family, & co-workers. Typically we stick with about 10 crowd favorites and then try out some new recipes. This year we ended up with 15 different types!¬† Continue reading


Christmas Eve 2014 Dinner

Event Details

Every year my parent’s host a Christmas Eve dinner. It started out as a dinner with some of our neighbors who we kept running into at the local Chinese restaurant after Christmas Eve Mass, but recently we’ve changed it up a bit and invite over my brother’s in-laws. We try to mix up the menu each year, but it always needs to be something that can either stay in the oven or slow cooker while we’re at church.¬† Continue reading

Christmas Eve Dessert

For Christmas Eve dinner, we decided we wanted a dessert that wasn’t too heavy and was able to be made ahead. We decided that chocolate mousse would be a great option. It was the perfect chance to use my Ghirardelli Chocolate cookbook and made a dark chocolate mousse and a white chocolate orange mousse. I used wine glasses and layered the two flavors. I was able to make up the mousse the night before and put it in piping bags which made it super easy to assemble after dinner.

photo (53)

It was the perfect end to our delicious dinner of beef bourguignon.

Christmas Cookies 2012

Just like last year, this year my mom & I made a ton of Christmas cookies. We had to scale it back a bit due to the timing of Christmas this year, but we still ended up with 11 different types of cookies. Below is this year’s list:

1. Chocolate Chip

photo (33)-001

2. White Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal

photo (35)

3. Brickle Drop

photo (34)-001

4. Peanut Butter Blossom

photo (41)-001

5. Inside Out Mounds

photo (42)

6. Mint Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

photo (36)

7. Crinkle Cookies

photo (37)

8. Lemon Volcanoes

photo (38)

9. Spritz

photo (43)-001

10. Holiday Biscotti

photo (40)-001

11. Ginger Lemon Cremes

photo (39)

We brought platters of cookies to holiday parties and work as usual. All of my teams were definitely excited to try them all!

photo (44)-001

Overall, even with fewer varieties, this year’s cookies were definitely a success!

photo (45)-001

Holiday Potluck

Every year, the CS&L department organizes a big holiday potluck for our entire floor. Since this is my first year in my new position, I knew I had to bring in something good. I decided to take one of my favorites and give it a holiday spin and make peppermint red velvet mini cupcakes.

photo (48)

They turned out pretty great and were the perfect size given the amount of desserts we had.

photo (49)

Italian Christmas Bread Pudding

This year we celebrated Christmas a few weeks early with some of my family. Since we weren’t sure if we would get Christmas cookies done in time, I decided I would make another dessert. I decided that it would be fun to try making bread pudding out of panettone.

photo (47)

The recipe was very simple and ended up having great flavor. To make it even better I made a cinnamon syrup to drizzle on the top. It turned out great and was definitely a big hit at the party.

photo (46)

Pajama Holiday Party

Event Details

Since the holidays can be super busy, I decided it would be nice to just relax with friends for an evening and watch movies. I also had received a variety of kitchen gadgets for Christmas and wanted to try them out so I wanted to make breakfast for dinner.


My House

Number of Guests

Approximately 8 Adults




Pajamas or Sweats

The Menu



Mini Ham & Cheese Omelets

Mini Spinach & Cheese Omelets



Mini Donuts

Mini Danish

Christmas Cookies



Bailey’s & Hot Chocolate

Bailey’s & Coffee