Some Award Winning Cakes

This post is clearly a few months late, but while I have been slacking in sharing what I’ve been up to, I have still been baking as much as ever. Over the past 18 months, we’ve had two baking competitions at work. While I’m not typically a competitive person, when it comes to baking my competitive streak emerges and so of course I needed to enter them. Both competitions were judged on taste, creative use of company products, & appearance.  Continue reading


Phillies Birthday Cake

A few weeks ago we celebrated my friend Steve’s birthday. I was put in charge of the cake. The party’s theme was the Phillies so of course I had to make a Phillies Cake.

My friend had bought sparkler candles and when it was lit it reminded us all of Citizen’s Bank Park at night.

The cake was a vanilla pound cake with strawberry mousse and lemon curd fillings and vanilla buttercream icing. It was delicious and looked great when sliced.

Wilton Decorating Class Course 1: Decorating Basics

I finally decided it was time to really learn how to decorate cakes and so I signed up for the first Wilton Decorating course at my local Michael’s store.

Class One

For the first class, I had to bake and bring a half-dozen flat sugar cookies.

In class, they went over the basics for making cakes and Wilton butter cream icing. We also practiced making stars using the tip 18.

Class Two

For the second class, I had to bake and bring an 8-inch round cake, a filling, and thin & medium consistency Wilton icing. I decided to make a coconut layer cake with chocolate ganache filling. In order to make the cake similar to an almond joy, I used almond extract to flavor the icing. I brought two layers because that’s what my recipe made.

In class, we learned how to torte a cake and the correct way to add fillings. We then reviewed how to use a variety of tips, including how to make dimensional decorations. We then got to choose from one of three cakes in our workbooks to make. I chose to make the fish.

The side of the cake was dotted and the bottom was edged with alternating large and small dots.

Class Three

For the third class, I had to bring in cupcakes and icing in a variety of colors and consistencies. I decided to just go with yellow cake cupcakes.

In class, we learned how to pipe shells & shell borders along with a variety of flowers. We also learned how to pipe leaves. We started out with the Pompom flower.

The pompom’s were made on wax paper and then refrigerated to harden before adding them to the cupcakes.

We also learned how to make a shag mum.

And Rosettes.

The last flower we covered were drop flowers.

After learning all of the flowers. We were able to practice everything we had learned so far. I made a mini fish cupcake.

Plus Dimensional Flowers.

Class Four

For the last class, I had to bring a layer cake that was iced and ready to decorate. I made a lemon pound cake and filled it with alternating layers of lemon cream cheese frosting with strawberry blackberry jam and lemon cream cheese frosting with fresh strawberries.

In class, we learned how to write on cakes and how to make roses. We then got to decorate our cake however we chose. I picked a cake that had a variety of roses in different colors.

It showed off a few of the things i had learned including roses, leaves, shell border, lines, & dots.

Overall the class was great! I learned a bunch of new techniques, plus work enjoyed having baked goods every Wednesday morning. I’m looking forward to taking the other Wilton classes soon.

Gluten Free Birthday

Crunch Bar and M&M Ice Cream Cake
Ice cream desserts are a great edition to any party as long as you have a way to keep it cool. They are also a great option if you have guests who have gluten allergies. Below is an ice cream cake I made a few years ago for a friend’s birthday who has celiac disease. I used his favorite candy and ice cream to make a delicious cake that everyone loved.

A Fisherman’s 21st Birthday

This was one of my first attempts at real cake decorating. I based it off of a picture I found online. I used cake to make the fish head and tail raised above a 4 layer 9-inch round cake. I used white icing to decorate and then painted the icing with a paintbrush and food coloring paste mixed with a bit of vodka so that it would dry quickly. The painting technique allowed me to get the realistic coloring of the fish and water.