Thanksgiving Pumpkin Cheesecake

For Thanksgiving this year, I decided to try altering a favorite from Memorial Day, Cheesecake Shots.

photo (32)

Instead of using a plain cheesecake I made pumpkin cheesecake.

photo (26)

I used ginger snaps for the “crust” instead of graham crackers. I topped them off with cool whip, sugared cranberries, and pie crust pieces.

photo (27)

They turned out great and everyone really loved them. It was also a perfect dessert for Thanksgiving because it was no bake cheesecake and therefore didn’t tie up the oven. Also I was able to make the cheesecake the day before and put it into a piping bag so it didn’t take up too much room in the refrigerator.

photo (28)

I was also able to make “ice cream” sandwiches with the left over pumpkin cheesecake and ginger snaps.


Thanksgiving Desserts

This year for Thanksgiving my parents made dinner for my dad’s side of the family. As usual my Mommom’s cousin Sue made her delicious pumpkin pie, my Mommom made her famous chocolate chip cookies, and my mom made her amazing apple pie. In addition to the full size apple pie, I also decided to make another batch of my mini apple pies because we were having so many people (plus I found out that they freeze and reheat great so leftovers were not a problem).

I also decided to try another mini pie and so I adjusted a recipe I had seen for a chocolate hazelnut tart. They turned out great and tasted just like Nutella!

We rounded out our dessert menu with pumpkin ginger snap cookie balls covered in melted white chocolate and butterscotch chips and topped with toasted pecans. They were the perfect mix of all my favorite fall flavors and were a big hit!